To save you 5 seconds test tools
SMD Part and LED
When the size of electronic components more to do smaller, testing is relevant personnel is a major challenge. To this end we have developed a single hand can quickly detect parts of the test tool ST-10, Let's test your work easier and enjoyable!
ST-10B Upgrade Kit
  • Conduction test-led and buzzer aperture
    Through pure green led aperture display or buzzer sound (switchable), Intuition can quickly determine whether part of normal conduction.
  • LED test
    Optional 5mA / 10mA/20mA current output, you can quickly align the polarity confirmation LED lighting is good or bad
  • Connect the meter
    Can be connected via a dedicated cable and meter, the values ​​measured accurately
  • Precision Tweezers probe
    Good conductivity probe using phosphonium copper processing, then gold-plated surface treatment, with the forceps tip shape, you can test more accurate
Part Number Weight Material Dimensions Battery
ST-10-B 50g ABS/Copper 36*25*155 mm 23AE 12V
  • Special Connecter
  • Battery
  • Bag
SMD LED & Components Tester
SMD Part and LED conduction testing tool especially for tiny electronic components such as switches. Resistance. Fuse. LED.PCB so do the testing. Suitable for field personnel, engineers, business people do measurements or display use.
Do you have OEM or distribution needs?
Let your LED SMD Part conduction test tools and more features

Depending on your needs we can make different levels of customization of products, for example, from the most simple to adjust Logo laser marking or packaging, accessories, and even re-design, open mold.
Just to be able to help you promote favorable market things, we will go all out.
Change Battery fiqure:
  • 1. Pull out top cover
  • 2. Replace battery 23AE 12V
  • 3. Recover top cover